The Last Wish Of Jonah Jones


duration – 14m 2s


Jonah Jones has asked his wife Rhiannon (Erin in some versions) to take his soul when he dies & make sure it gets to Heaven. She promises, but how can an elderly woman who has never left Wales be expected to find her way there, let alone cope with all the obstructions she meets with when she gets there? This funny, charming & moving story is one of my all-time favourites! Click to the link to discover why…


if you enjoy this then I think you’d enjoy East of the Sun, West of the Moon in which a brave young Norwegian woman goes on a journey to save her true love, or if you wish for something more ‘grown up’ you could try “Deirdre Of The Sorrows”, a full-length Irish epic available in audio or video at our Story Shop Home

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