What’s Coming Up…

Shakespeare Fest, Neuss, Germany 27-29 May

This extraordinary month-long festival, celebrating the genius of Shakespeare, much of it in English, all of it in a perfect wooden replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, is a perfect example of what makes German people so cool!!

On 20, 21, 22 I shall be running 90min StoryMaking workshops using narrative structure analysis of Shakespeare’s Comedies and Tragedies to guide the imagining of participants. On 21st I shall also be performing “Shakespeare’s Back Stories”, a 45min show featuring the folk stories which lie behind the creation of some of the greatest plays. You’ll learn why exactly Burnham Wood comes to Dunsinane, why meat loves salt and you’ll also hear the grand old tale of Mr Fox that Benedick, in Much Ado, just assumes we all know. Well, do you?

For tickets and full programme of events go here:-

Shakespeare Festival at The Globe, Neuss

The Guardian podcast 10/12/21

I am, as a disabled man, very proud to have leant my voice to this beautiful open letter by Jan Grue, “The High Cost Of Living In A Disabling World” & grateful to Soho Voices for putting the work my way.

“The Tinkder” by Olivia Joan, Vault Festival, February 2022 HAS BEEN CANCELLED! Along with the entire Vault Festival 2022. This is another COVID cancellation. See below for what would’ve been and what may yet be, somewhere, somewhen…

I was approached by director/producer  Olivia Monk asking me to audition for the title role in a new play by Olivia Fan to be premiered this Feb as part of the Vault Festivals. I read it, auditioned, got it! SO from Feb 15-20 2022 I shall be playing the role of the Tinker in this new three-hander. It’s great! Full of tensions and secrets and twist with crackling dialogue and strong characterisation. A howling snowstorm outside and a married couple are surprised by the arrival of a travelling salesman who ‘fixes things’. Does he have more in the back of his cart than they bargained for?

More details here…

The Tinker by Olivia Foan