What School Audiences Have Said

“Giles was invited to come as story-teller in residence for a week to our Learning Support unit here in west London. This is a unit for mainly boys aged 11-14, all of whom have behavioural and some learning difficulties.

Giles enthralled them from the start. He was able to capture their attention, and keep them in one place for up to an hour at a time, using no other art than story telling. He also planned his sessions meticulously, so that there was cohesion to the week, with a final session, which drew together all the talents, which Giles had managed to find in our young people. He displayed an ability to bring out the best in our group. Even those young people who suffer from extreme low self-esteem, or have difficulty with their attention spans were able to produce meaningful and surprising stories by the end of the workshops.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Giles, and would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Caroline Nelson

Manager Learning Support Unit

“When I first heard that we were having a storyteller in school, I thought that it would be very boring. When he told his first story I really, really enjoyed it. He used really good words, and all his stories were from memory.”


King Arthur’s Community School, Wincanton, Somerset

“I thought that the stories were brilliant. I really enjoyed listening to them. The way in which he told them made me feel as if I was there. I could picture the stories the whole way. The humour in the stories was really good. The characters he used were really unusual, which made the stories even more interesting.”


King Arthur’s Community School, Wincanton, Somerset

“I thought that Giles’ stories were brilliant! He used great effect in his voice and in the way that he used actions and gestures to help create pictures. All the stories he told really gripped me. I’ve never heard a story told like it before. I was always waiting in great anticipation for the next part of the story.”


King Arthur’s Community School, Wincanton, Somerset

“I think it was great because he really caught your attention. Giles told stories really well, I wasn’t bored for a second and all my mates thought he was brilliant too. I haven’t found anyone who didn’t enjoy his storytelling.”


King Arthur’s Community School, Wincanton, Somerset

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