My repertoire ranges in suitability from nursery to elderly and everything in between. The stories I tell are rooted in tradition but I always get tradition to come face to face with now. I’ve never counted, but I have hundreds of stories in my head, any of which I can bring out to respond to

I can perform wherever there’s an audience and have performed in pubs, theatres, marquees, on roofs, in State Assemblies and even in a hot-tub!

I can tell the stories that are dear to your heart, or if you are an organisation with an important message to deliver, I can do that too by Telling The Company’s Story. Just let me know what you need. In the meantime, here are some examples of stories that are ready to go…

“Deirdre of the Sorrows”

Commissioned by Festival at the Edge 2007, an original retelling of one of the greatest love stories in the traditional canon, a story whose feet are in the Iron Age yet whose eyes are firmly fixed on now. For a young woman, is beauty a gift, or a curse? If a curse, why? Adult themes, age 14+. View video
Duration – 1½ hours

“Caught on the Horns”

Based on Ovid’s classical myth Pygmalion, “Caught on the Horns” follows the struggles of an artist who longs for his ideal in womanhood. So he carves her. When she comes alive, he is overjoyed, but it doesn’t take him long to learn that a real woman is a very different proposition from an ideal one… This retelling was shortlisted for a BASE Award, “Outstanding Storytelling Performance 2013”. Adult themes, age 14+. View video
Duration – 50 minutes

“Tongues Of Flame”

The extraordinary life story of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, 19th century maverick explorer, scholar, swordsman, sexologist and spy. The first European to see Lake Tanganyika, he also spoke 45 languages! Adult themes, age 14+. View video
Duration – 1½ hours

“The Tricking of King Gylfi” ((Play Sample))

Lightning, Lies and Unconvincing Drag Artists from Norse Mythology. Enter the world of the Vikings, through tales centred on Thor and Loki. Suitable for adults and children 9+.
Duration – 1½ hours

“Further Tales of Lightning & Lies” ((Play Sample))

Further Norse myths, including the Building of Asgard’s Walls, the Death of Balder, plus the story of Trembling Hood and others. Suitable for adults and children 9+.
Duration – 1½ hours

“East of the Sun, West of the Moon” ((Play Sample))

A glorious Norwegian folktale, funny, emotional and always gripping, with full-throttle narrative pace! Suitable for adults and children 11+
Duration – 45 minutes

“Tales of Love and Age” ((Play Sample))

A journey around the British Isles, featuring stories from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, all linked by the themes of love and age. Suitable for adults and children 14+.
Duration – 45 minutes or 1½ hours

“The Two Armies” ((Play Sample))

A pleasure in itself, this story an ideal way for exploring issues such as diversity, toleration and bullying. Two armies face each other on the field of battle, each soldier on each side sworn to die rather than surrender. Yet two soldiers, over a camp-fire, some shared sandwiches and a lot of shared stories, find means to do neither. A story, packed with border-crossing tales, showing similarities beneath apparent difference. Can be tailored to suit any age, and duration can be anything between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

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