World Storytelling Cafe

This exciting new initiative is in direct response to the Covid 19 pandemic. Brainchild of Mike Wood & John Row, storytellers from around the world who can’t tour, can’t perform, can’t earn, can now post videos for supporters who can’t go to festivals, can’t go to gigs but who can now themselves place a contribution in the storyteller’s Hat.

Give as little or as much as you want, but be assured, whatever you give goes straight to the storyteller, has great value to us all & sustains, globally, the art of storytelling. So if a story has ever sustained you, sustain Story!

I have contributed two 45min long sets for teenagers & adults already & an exciting collaboration with illustrator James Lythe launched with “Trolls” for little ones & then six editions of Viking myths with gorgeous illustrations made live as I tell for all the family 5+.
Click the link below to find, for teenagers & adults, “Stone Soup” & “Mermaids“, for little ones “Trolls!”, & for all ages from 5+ “Viking Myths”. If you like it, tip something in the ‘Hat’ & listen to some more!

Pay What You Want – if you want.

Pay What You Want at the World Storytelling Cafe!