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Watching Dad – for JRS Abbott 1937-2012

Four years ago today, I lost my father. These poems were written at stages of my father’s long struggle with Parkinson’s Disease. I’m proud of him and proud to be his.


John Robert Simcoe Abbott, 1937-2012

4 thoughts on “Watching Dad – for JRS Abbott 1937-2012

  1. This is a lovely tribute Giles. I wonder if your Dad could have guessed, when he first held you, that you would remember him in this way? If he did, he would have squeezed you that bit tighter.

    1. thank you Steven G ;{~

  2. Giles, this is so beautiful – as a daughter going through a similar journey I understand and your poems moved me so much – you are a master craftsman of words xxx

    1. Thank you Annie, thank you very much. I remember meeting your Pa! Lots of love and a huge hug to you and your father.

      G :{~

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