Caught on the Horns

Filmed at StoryNight At Torrianno, Kentish Town, London, in 2013, this retelling of Ovid’s classical myth Pygmalion was shortlisted for a BASE award for “Outstanding Storytelling Performance 2013”.

“Caught on the Horns” follows the struggles of an artist who longs for his ideal in womanhood. Unable to find her, he carves her. When she comes alive, he is overjoyed, but it doesn’t take him long to learn that a real woman is a very different proposition from an ideal one…

What the audience said:

“That was a masterclass in how to tell a story!” Nick Fathers, Tales At The Watermill, Loughborough

“Giles has the voice for telling as Tom Jones has to singing, and his handling of the more delicate matters of the story were exactly on the clever side of bawdy.” Richard Wood, Clophill Story Circle

“Giles’s rich deep voice and commanding stage presence had the audience’s attention immediately.” Lesley Pinder for Remote Goat

Filmed by Ramsey Pietro Nasser of The Search For Magik.

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