Telling the Company’s Story


Since 2005 I have visited companies and used my storytelling skills to help companies with their internal communications.

Telling The Company’s Story benefits clients because:

  • a core message can be communicated accurately, memorably and emotively

  • The novelty of the method, the change from the usual, refreshes understanding

  • Story has been proven to cause a spike in empathy in listeners. Staff will not only understand, they will feel your message

So, if you need to talk to staff about Time Management, about Change or Knowledge Management, or themes such as anti-corruption, bullying, harassment, there is a story which can do that better than you can just now. I can adapt the length, style and content of stories to suit specific briefs, needs or cultures. Just tell me what you need.

I can deliver in your workplace or, via video, can provide clients with a resource they can deploy as best suits them.

Former clients include:

Air Products Ltd.
Business In Development, the Netherlands
Red Bull
Wings For Life
Otsuka Pharmaceutical

For further information either contact me directly or go to the consultancy I co-founded with Leon Conrad, The Academy Of Oratory.

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