Voice Overs

Giles in the Studio

I was overawed by Giles’s dexterity with delivering a script in the studio. I had booked extra recording time in case it was a complicated process, but, holding his phone next to his nose to read, he was quicker to work with than most fully sighted people. And script alterations were no problem. What a pleasure to work with him.

Kate Howells, Producer, BBC Radio 4 Appeal

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After nearly two decades of manipulating my voice telling stories and working as a qualified voice coach,
I have become a versatile voice over artist.

Represented by Soho Voices, over the last few years I’ve done various VO jobs for companies, products, internal communications.

Giles Abbott Voice Reel

You want a normal voice? No problem. But I also do a good sideline in giants, dwarves, warthogs, squirrels and many, many more…!

I was the first blind narrator for RNIB AudioBook Services and I’ve recorded numerous novels and poems for their Talking Book Service. I also record Foresight, the RNIB Legacy Services Magazine, twice a year. In the last year I’ve recorded multiple characters in episodes of a children’s TV serial being developed for broadcast & also commercial Voice Over for corporate clients. For example;

Giles Abbott voiceover for sustainable timber project by Barker and Stonehouse