This was the single best training course I have been to. I would rate the course 9 out of 10 and Giles’s course should be opened up to the whole company”
Frank Rautenberg, Ipsos MORI

It was the most useful course I’ve ever been on in terms of feeling exciting, relevant and having lots of nuggets that could be applied flexibly and intelligently.”
Louise Skowron, Ipsos MORI

“Giles’s work at a conference for BP leaders inspired me to work with him on my presentation and voice skills. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful, as well as fun; he is providing me with a much broader and more interesting range of styles and techniques from storytelling. My first attempt to incorporate some of his work was a great success and I look forward to learning more from him.”
JP Onstwedder, Head of Risk, BP International Oil

“An extremely enjoyable and informative session that did drive direct value. We have recommended that the rest of the agency receives similar training”
Scott, Hotwire PR

“Following training, I am thinking more broadly about how I come across and more importantly about creating a relationship with the audience. Thanks a lot, I had a great day!”
Daphne Tonna-Barthet, Marketing Communications, Air Products Ltd.

“Very little awareness of narrative structure work, prior to the course. After the course, the structure work has made me very aware of how to hold the audience and get the message across. I left the course feeling a lot more confident about my abilities to deliver a successful presentation. I would like to attend a more advanced version of the course after I have mastered some of the techniques learnt from this one.”
Harish Ratna, CPS Manager, Europe, Air Products Ltd.

I found this course refreshingly different. It exceeded my expectations of the work related content. It was a perfect opportunity to evaluate current presentation styles and the pitfall of trying to convey too many messages at one time. The single most important lesson that I have taken away is to cut through all the AP internal information and focus on a very limited message that I want the presentation to communicate. (remembering that the audience is not likely to remember more than 3 pieces of the content). Giles thank you for a very worthwhile and enjoyable day.”
Mark Northwood, Business Manager, Air Products

“We’ve had outstanding feedback following your session yesterday, so thank you for the experience and energy that you brought to the room. I have no doubts that we’ll be calling on your services again in the future!”
Vicky Bacon, Senior Communications Manager, BP Communications & External Affairs, GPR/IST

“An extremely enjoyable and informative session that did drive direct value. We have recommended that the rest of the agency receives similar training
Scott, Hotwire PR

The voice workshops were a revelation and I felt an immediate effect just talking to partner, work colleagues etc so I’d love to do more in depth voice training. For the second time this year I found a training day that was exactly what I needed, has had immediate effect & I really enjoyed – thanks!”
Sioned, Groundwork, Kent

From a workshop with Corporate Culture Ltd., Liverpool

“Giles Abbott ran a storytelling workshop for Corporate Culture as a part of our programme to introduce creativity to employees. He ran a dynamic, practical and imaginative workshop which inspired everyone. It helped with our teamwork and it gave us many ideas which we can use with clients. I have no hesitation in recommending him to work with others – provided they are open minded, willing to learn and happy to enter into the spirit of storytelling. I personally believe storytelling is a critical art for all businesses.”
John Drummond, Chief Executive, Corporate Culture

“Hi Giles! You’ll be pleased to hear my presentation in ‘story format’ went over very well. Several people came up to me afterwards and said they really enjoyed it and that my points came across very strongly. So it works!
JP Onstwedder, Head of Risk, BP International Oil

Feedback from students’ superior on presentation delivered after 1-2-1 work with Giles Abbott

“Congratulations on an excellent presentation. I would like to give you the following feed back: You very successfully condensed what could have been a very long presentation into 10 minutes, whilst also including the major points of interest You maintained good eye contact Your body language was energetic. Your tone of voice modulated and your pace was neither too slow or too fast – so maintaining my interest. The addition of a summary at the beginning and at the end would have benefited you, but please note that never the less, this was an excellent presentation!
Peter Massey,100% Detail & 100% Materials

Drawn from the first of several visits to Air Products Ltd, Hersham:

I thought it was great. The ability to tell a good story can be a useful negotiating/socialising tool in negotiations as well!”
John Tufnell, General Counsel

“I thought Giles was an amazing storyteller which made the forum excellent, diverse and refreshing. I noticed that when he had finished people were buzzing with refreshed vigor.
Lyndis Harris, Safety, Health and Environment Dept.

“There were lessons to be learnt from Giles’ stories and I think his style of getting a message across in a relaxed, informal and entertaining manner is one which should be fostered within the company.
Bring Giles back again – soon!
Sandra Lonigueria, Purchasing Dept.

“I enjoyed Giles’ presentation and thought it was refreshing to hear something from someone outside Air Products – and not just another consultant. Fresh ideas, creativity and energy like he has are always welcome.”
Al Greer, Human Resources Dept.

I am a fan!  Best means I have seen to date to highlight need for honesty and trust without being preachy.”
Steve Black, Quality Dept.

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