I have been a storyteller for nearly two decades and I’ve spent all that time learning and learning about what it is in story that makes it stick, move and inspire. Then I’ve studied how to transfer those qualities of story into professional speech-based communication. Can you remember the stories you heard as a child? Can you remember the presentations you heard last week? Precisely.

My clients have important and meaningful things to say. As a storyteller I help them say it best.

I have been a Voice Coach since 2004. I qualified with an MA in Voice Studies from Central School of Speech and Drama. Ever wished your voice was more expressive, more charismatic, more engaging? It is. It really is. Your natural voice, hidden under years of habit (nothing you did, just life) is richer, more resonant, more expressive than the voice which currently thinks it is your voice. Book a session with me and you will hear a difference after just one hour.

Put Story and Voice together and you have a compelling, persuasive and inspiring message which is easy for your audience to listen to, remember and act on. How much do you want that to be your next presentation?

After working alone like this for a number of years I went into partnership with Leon Conrad of the Conrad Voice Consultancy. Together we formed the Academy Of Oratory. We are both storytellers, both voice teachers and both experts in Rhetoric, the art of persuasive speaking. How can we help you? For more information you can contact me directly or visit The Academy of Oratory.

Listen to me discussing storytelling in business on Business Matters, BBC World Service (from 43.10 to the end)

This was the single best training course I have been to. I would rate the course 9 out of 10 and Giles’s course should be opened up to the whole company
Frank Rautenberg, Ipsos MORI

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