Voice & Presentation Training

Giles is an absolute joy to work with… engaging, interesting, and wonderful to listen to. He gave some storytelling training to the team which was so good, that we have invited him back to repeat to others, as demand is so high. In over 30 years of working, this is, without doubt, the best training course I have been on. Highly recommend.

Peter Gandy, Managing Director, Reason Ltd.


“A HUGE thank you to Giles Abbott for 6 truly inspiring weeks of Voice tutoring at IDSA. We learned & developed so much while finding out that Voice can be fun! (Thanks for the laughs🤣) You have changed an entire class of students, Giles. Ever grateful. ❤️” 

Amanda, Voice student at IDSA 2/2022


Voice Training – in person or online, group or 1:1

Do you wish you could improve your Speaking Voice? Making it clearer, stronger, more resonant, expressive, authoritative, appealing or just easier to listen to? Whether that’s because you’re an actor, a teacher, a business-person, or just someone who isn’t quite satisfied with the sound of their voice, the good news is that you can! To find out more just drop me an email for a no-obligation chat about what you need & how I can help you?


Since taking my Masters in Voice Studies from Central School of Speech & Drama in 2005 I’ve written, taught & assessed courses in Voice at drama schools such as Arts Ed. 2005-9, Birkbeck College 2005-12 & I currently teach at Identity School of Acting, at MetFilm School & at City Lit. I created & taught effective courses in English Pronunciation for international students at Imperial College in 2012-13.

Business Storytelling

Have you ever heard that there are only Seven Basic Plots? Well, I use Nine, Nine Story Structures (what happens) which, when combined with Four Basic Plots (how what happens happens) arms you & your team with a versatile, content-free &, best of all, pre-tested response to any communication need. In 2013 I trained content writers at the Science Museum, London, in all these structures of Story & forms of Plot. The result? Thousands of visitors are now guided confidently, informatively, compellingly through an entire wing at the Museum, the Modern Communication Wing. Ideal for multi-channel communication, work created by clients sounds fresh every time & it hits the target every time too. By combining storytelling and vocal coaching, I’ve delivered workshops in UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Egypt, India that empower participants to discover their most charismatic voice & presenter presence, freeing them to give powerful and memorable presentations. Working simultaneously on what they say and how they say, participants hear improvements in their vocal function in just one day, discover how to quickly create their most persuasive presentation yet, and it’s exhilarating!

Working with the client, either in person or online, I prepare relevant, bespoke training either through 1:1 sessions, one day intensive workshops or short courses. Working on vocal and narrative technique, separately or simultaneously, the training is personalised for 1:1 or for group workshops with reference to client context, aims, needs. Work can be delivered in person or online.

My clients include, in business, Reason Ltd., Red Bull, Ipsos MORI, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, BP, ITV, Fox International Channels, Air Products, MIND, RNIB & more. In education for British Council I ran courses for teachers in India in Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata & I’ve delivered INSET training days for teachers in Cairo as well as all over UK. I have delivered popular one day intensives for members of the public at storytelling & literature festivals as well as for local groups, local councils.

The best part about the work is how quickly & how deeply it works. Clients express excitement as they feel & hear their vocal function transforming & as they realise how learning key storytelling structures speeds up composition of & road-tests the effectiveness of spoken word presentations. Presentation time becomes a moment, not to dread, but to look forward to.

For more information, you can contact me directly. I’d love to hear from you.

The voice workshops were a revelation and I felt an immediate effect just talking to my partner, work colleagues etc. I found the training day was exactly what I needed, it has had an immediate effect and I really enjoyed it – thanks!

– Sioned, Groundwork, Kent

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