Kathakar International Storytellers Festival 2016


Update: for newspaper articles on this trip click here.

I’m off to India! The British Council and Kathakar International Storytellers Festival have invited me to this annual storytelling event in Delhi on 6 and 7th Feb. I can’t know exactly what I’ll be telling where or when, not until I’ve met the audience, but I do know I will be telling East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon. To hear a clip of this story, click here

CaYG6fKUEAA39o5.jpg-largeAround these dates, I have also been engaged by the British Council in India to visit Kolkata, New Delhi and Chandigarh. I’m looking forward to visiting schools, telling stories to primary and secondary children. Hopefully, I will be able to tell them some traditional stories they’ve never heard before and, hopefully, they can teach me the Hindi for “bogey”.


 I shall be appearing at the International Kolkata Book Fair telling adult fairy stories and myths and, at BC libraries and centres, I shall be running workshops for parents and teachers in Storytelling Skills. These skills will help parents tell better stories to their children, help teachers do the same and also teach teachers how a story structure can be used to make any lesson more engaging, more immersive.

I’ve never been to India but I know that when you work somewhere you get a different experience than simply sight-seeing. Can’t wait!

I shall be blogging my impressions and experiences, so if you’d like to hear more, sign up to my newsletter and keep checking in. I’ve also created a gallery of some of the pictures that have been taken during my trip by me and other people.

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