Love and Age

Stories or Romance and Wisdom recorded by Giles Abbott

My first ever recorded storytelling CD!
Way back in the 1990’s I recorded this set of four stories, one from each of the nations of Britain, all linked by the shared themes of Love & Age.

From Ireland, The Wandering Of Oisin, in which a man finds ?love & appears to have escaped Death. But there are ties that tug, even when you’ve found perfection…
From Scotland, a hard-working older man receives “A Gift From The Gods”. So why must he insist on looking at the price tag and quibbling with the contract?
From England, in “The Marriage Of Gawain” a knight must help the king answer the world’s hardest question on pain of death. Will they succeed? What’s your answer?
From Wales, will Rhiannon (Erin in other versions of this tale) succeed in granting “The Last Wish Of Jonah Jones”? A plucky old lady must walk all the way to Heaven with her husband’s soul and, when she gets there, she finds more obstacles to overcome!

Some of these stories are mournful, some funny, all beautiful. Download your copy of this popular set of stories here.

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Showing all 4 results