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Ancient Tools For Modern Speakers

I’m on a train right now, whizzing through the Buckinghamshire countryside as dusk falls. I’m floating. I’ve just taught, for modern business leaders, a class in Rhetoric, as defined by Greeks and Romans between 2-2½ thousand years ago. They found it hard so I pushed them. They struggled, so I pushed them harder. My colleagues who hired me to run this session came to listen to the results. What we heard was astonishing, inspiring, moving, so moving that both my colleagues had tears in their eyes.

So, I learnt these techniques from my colleague Leon Conrad, with whom I founded the Academy Of Oratory. Both storytellers, both rhetoricians, both voice teachers, we are passionate about bringing ancient wisdom to modern minds. The results today were more than worth every time we’ve heard people say “you do what?” It makes perfect sense to us. It made perfect sense to my clients today. It felt wonderful. G ;{~

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